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You feel it when entering the port of Werkendam: here is a positive vibe. The way you are welcomed, the orderliness in the port, the quality of the products and services: it demonstrates professionalism. This is because of the fact that Werkendam entrepreneurs and their employees are highly committed to their work. Craftsmanship, reliability, quality and problem solving abilities – it’s their nature.

New name
The port is ideally situated there where the Boven Merwede splits into the Beneden Merwede and the New Merwede. This, together with the above attributes, has been instrumental in making the Scheepsgroep Werkendam a national and international name. Recently, the group changed its name to Werkendam Maritime Industries – an international name, because Werkendam Maritime Industries deliver a quality service to clients in the Netherlands and abroad.

Werkendam Maritime Industries serve all maritime interests from inland shipping to recreational boating, from coastal navigation to offshore. They are concerned not only with new development, maintenance and repair, but Werkendam also offers all supporting industries required for the building of new vessels and keeping them operational. From windows to radars, from wall to wall carpeting to insurances, offshore vessels and underwater survey - Werkendam Maritime Industries offers everything.

Image building and collaboration
Werkendam Maritime Industries comprise approximately 30 companies. Their ambition is to become a maritime center of excellence, by a better (international) image-building and a better cooperation and collaboration between entrepreneurs, authorities and educational and research institutes. The ultimate aim is to expand the supply of high quality products and services and to provide more and more earning capacity in the region.


Werkendam Maritime Industries has been realised with financial support of the Province of Noord-Brabant..